What is interior design?

interior-designInterior design is a key component in any project outcome.
Follow these basic design elements and principles
to achieve a superior result.
How often do you walk into a space and feel instantly “at home” or, conversely, feel
uncomfortable and can’t wait to leave? Creating
spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, practical
and liveable is what we aim for in our homes.
Interior design is the process of creating comfortable,
liveable spaces through the manipulation of spatial
volume as well as surface treatment, drawing on aspects
of environmental psychology, architecture and product
design, in addition to decoration.
Interior design is not just about aesthetics, although
they play a big part in the fi nal outcome. A home’s interior
should be aesthetically pleasing to your individual taste,
as well as practical and functional. Creating harmonious,
liveable interior spaces requires as much thought as
does the design of the building and to do one without
considering the other, can lead to costly alterations in
the future.
what-is-interior-design3-When creating a home, you need to start with the end
in mind. How do the occupants like to live? What special
needs do they have? How many children are there and how
many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Are there
any pets? Does the family entertain regularly and is there
the need for guest accommodation? Can you create multipurpose
rooms for occasional visitors, a home office, kids’
study or other area? Once these requirements are known,
you can set about creating interiors to suit your lifestyle
today and into the future. Planning for the future is an
important part of interior design. Designing for longevity
will give your home
a timeless feel, allowing it to age gracefully.
what-is-interior-design4-Creating interior spaces and selecting appropriate
furniture and furnishings is very personal. However, there
are some fundamental rules to observe. American architect
Frank Lloyd Wright was so particular about his designs
that he often designed the furniture and furnishings for his
clients’ homes, worrying they would make a mess of them if
they did it themselves! He may have been a little extreme in
his views but he wanted his designs to achieve their greatest
potential with the right fixtures, furniture and furnishings.
This is what you should be aiming for.
Here are some top interior design resources on the web:

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